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Our Beans FAQ

Where do these flavors come from?

The flavors come from the coffees we are sourcing. The flavors are terroir of the region where it was grown and expressed through their unique processing techniques such as fermentations. There are no added flavors through artificial or unnatural processes. We focus on sharing coffees that have unique cup characteristics.

What makes your blends unique?

Many blends consist of 1 unique component and are supplemented by  ‘blender’ or ‘filler’ beans to keep costs down. Our blends are comprised of Single Origin grade coffees that are chosen to be blended together intentionally.

How do you get your coffee?

We source through relationships and importers. We love supporting our local importers and utilizing the coffee warehouses we have access to here in the PNW. Making smart coffee purchasing decisions takes the Naomi Joe experience to the next level. We do not knowingly support unfair working conditions at any level of the supply chain.