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Forté AP

Forté AP

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The Forté AP (All Purpose grinder) is a compact, commercial-grade grinder, dedicated to grinding for ALL brew methods.

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Shipped direct from Baratza

Designed as a commercial solution for low-volume cafes, the Forté AP is a rock-solid espresso grinder with high capacity and feature density.

Operated by a touch screen, the Forte AP has two grind modes: by time and by weight. Each of those modes carries three presets and a manual option, giving you plenty of ways to conveniently switch from one dose to another. “Pillowy grinds and pillow talk – this grinder will wake you up in the morning and keep you up all night.” – Sprudge: “2013 Sexiest Coffee Grinder Alive”   07/11/22: An updated Forté display is slowly rolling out in production grinders. If you receive one of these, don’t worry! Your display may look different, but will function the same!

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