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Naomi Joe Coffee

Disco Juice (Half-Caf Blend)

Disco Juice (Half-Caf Blend)

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12oz. Disco Juice Half-Caf Blend. Whole Bean. A post roast blend. An equal split of two coffees. One being from Huehuetenango Guatemala. It is a washed coffee that gives the blend a nice rich, chocolatey, molasses vibe. The second being the decaf element. A coffee from Risaralda Colombia that is first washed and then decaffeinated via the *Ethyl Acetate process. The EA process does an excellent job of maintaining the coffees original flavor characteristics. This coffee is what adds the fruity flare to the cup. Combined together these two coffees really sing. Think Juicy Citrus, Light Molasses, & Fruit Loops. 

The idea behind Disco Juice is to keep you jiving until the day is done.

I have found the blend to be very versatile and ready for whatever brewing process you prefer. If you are unfamiliar working with lighter roasted coffees I recommend brewing at a higher temperature than normal. The roast is Nordic.

*Ethyl Acetate is a naturally occurring sugar found in many fruits and is a byproduct of fermented sugar. It is used as a solvent to bond with and remove caffeine from green coffee. Through a process of steaming and low pressure, the EA bonds with the caffeine molecules over the course of eight hours before having one last steam to remove any trace of the EA.

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